Auckland Housing

Auckland is spread out over a large area, with a wide mix of established and new housing.

Auckland has a range of housing options available from apartments downtown to stand alone suburban homes with gardens.

If you choose to live further from the city centre, there are even properties surrounded by farmland.

The housing market in Auckland is competitive and it is one of the most expensive places to rent or buy a home in the country.

Make sure you consider travel times between home and work when you are choosing a place to live.

Auckland's traffic is the heaviest in the country, especially during peak hour.

Many houses in Auckland were built for our temperate climate and don’t have features people may be used to in cooler parts of the world (e.g. central heating, double glazing).

Choosing somewhere to live

Tips to create a healthy, energy-efficient home | Auckland Council


Renting in Auckland can be expensive, but prices vary a lot for homes in different suburbs.

Tenancy Services measures average rent prices for different suburbs around New Zealand.

Market rent | Tenancy Services

Finding a rental

There are many ways you can find a rental property, including:

  • property/real estate websites
  • in local newspapers
  • in the Property Press magazine
  • by searching renting and "flatmates wanted" groups on social media

Auckland Homes for Rent |

Auckland Apartments & Houses To Rent | Trade Me Property

Protections for tenants

New Zealand has laws which protect the rights of tenants and landlords.

These laws also grant landlords and renters responsibilities for upholding their tenancy agreements.

Renting a house

Your rights and responsibilities | Tenancy Services



In most circumstances, only residents and citizens can buy homes in New Zealand to live in. 

Buying or building a house eligibility checker


Buying property in New Zealand can be a complicated process.

The Real Estate Authority's website provide information to guide you through the process.

Like renting, buying a home in Auckland can also be expensive, but the prices vary depending on which suburb they are in.

Quotable Value (QV) provides valuation estimates for properties in New Zealand. provides information to help prepare for and manage the cost of buying a house.

Buying property in New Zealand |

Property search | QV

Home buying | Sorted

Property reports

Before you buy a property you should check its Land Information Memorandum (LIM).

LIM reports provide comprehensive information about the land and buildings on a particular property. 

A LIM report can be purchased from the local council.

Order a property report | Auckland Council

Council rates

Rates are the taxes levied by councils to help fund the work they do locally, including

  • collecting rubbish
  • improving public transport
  • organising and facilitating events
  • maintaining parks
  • running libraries and other community facilities

You can find out what the rates are going to be on a property you may be considering buying.

Find your property rates or valuation | Auckland Council

Finding a home to buy

There are many ways you can find a property to buy, including:

  • property/real estate websites
  • in local newspapers
  • in the Property Press magazine

Auckland Homes & Real Estate For Sale | Trade Me

For sale | Real Estate

Utilities and services


There are many options for phone and internet providers.

Our Getting Connected page has information about phone and internet providers.

Getting connected

Electricity and gas

You can compare plans for all electricity and gas providers in your area on Powerswitch by Consumer.

How much could you save | Powerswitch by Consumer


Auckland Council charges homeowners for their water use, as measured by a water meter.

The website Watercare lists the rates for water usage.

Our charges | Watercare

Rubbish and recycling

Up to date information about roadside rubbish collection and recycling can be found on the Auckland Council website.

Rubbish and recycling | Auckland Council

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