West Coast Recreation

There are many opportunities to participate in almost any sport you can think of on the West Coast - and the time to do it.
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The region is increasingly attracting serious (and not so serious) mountain bikers, surfers and kayakers. Fishing, hunting and skiing are popular and the West Coast Wilderness trail offers the whole some of the most stunning and diverse scenery available in New Zealand.

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Sport and recreation

On the Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB) website you'll find clubs in the West Coast region that cover just about any sport you can think of. Sport New Zealand also lists many of the sports clubs available around the region.

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Tracks and walks

There are many opportunities to stretch your legs, clear your lungs and get close to nature on the walkways and tracks you’ll find wherever you go in New Zealand. Check the West Coast site to find the great walks available on the West Coast.

West Coast walking & hiking

Hunting and fishing rules

Both fishing and hunting are a big part of life for many in the West Coast. Check the Department of Conservation (DOC) and Fish and Game NZ websites for full information about licences and restrictions on hunting and fishing in freshwater. The Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) has information about the rules of fishing in the sea. 

It is very important to be aware of restrictions as there can be serious penalties for breaching them. 

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Dog regulations

New Zealand has various laws about looking after and controlling dogs and other animals. Each council has their own bylaws so check out your local council website for details. 

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The West Coast features a larger number of tracks through beautiful scenery.  Find out more about the tracks available through the links below. The two newest big rides on the West Coast are the West Coast Wilderness Trail and The Old Ghost Road.

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West Coast Wilderness Trail

The Old Ghost Road

Art and culture

Museums and galleries

There are a number of museums and art galleries to visit on the West Coast region. You'll find details of each on the NZ Museums website.

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There’s good everyday shopping in all of the larger centres on the West Coast including many boutique stores in Greymouth and Arts and crafts stores in Hokitika

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Local markets are a great way to experience local produce and meet a few of the locals. There is a market in Greymouth every Sunday from 10am to 2pm. 

Greymouth Sunday Market

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