Privacy Policy

The Live and Work New Zealand website ( is provided by Immigration New Zealand (INZ), which is part of the Ministry of Business, Innovation and Employment (MBIE).

The privacy notice applies to personal and other information collected on the Live and Work New Zealand website

Browsing Live and Work New Zealand anonymously

You can access the Live and Work New Zealand website page and browse the site without having to disclose any information that may be able to identify you, apart from your IP address. To browse anonymously you first need to disable cookies in your web browser (to find out how check the Help instructions in your browser).

Data collection and purpose specification

We collect some personal data that you may provide while using our site and its services.

When you register your interest on Live and Work New Zealand, we retain the data you provide for the purposes of:

  • Providing you with relevant information about New Zealand.
  • Providing you with relevant job alerts from employers who are looking to recruit from overseas.
  • Monitoring the performance of our marketing activity, by using the information you provide to identify whether you are issued a New Zealand visa.
  • Perform statistical analysis on the people who have registered, at an aggregate level.
  • Emailing you if travel to New Zealand after you have registered your interest.

From time to time we may use this information for purposes other than these, where it is directly related to the original purpose for which we collected this information, or whether otherwise permitted by law.

No personal information collected on the Live and Work New Zealand website will be used to determine any current or future visa application.

As with all personal information you provide to any New Zealand organisation, your privacy is protected by law. We will never release your personal information to third parties for commercial use without your prior permission. We will only disclose your personal information to another person if you have consented to such a disclosure, or where such use or disclosure is required or permitted by law.

If you are logged into a Facebook, Google and/or LinkedIn account while you browse this website, these companies will be able to connect your browsing behaviour to your profile. You can find more information about this in the Remarketing section of this privacy statement.

Data Retention

We will keep data collected through this site in accordance with our obligations under the Public Records Act 2005. 

When one of the following occurs, we will delete any information that may be used to identify you that we have collected through this site:

  • You have not opened an email from us in five years;
  • It has been five years since you unsubscribed from our emails
  • Your most recent visa issued has been expired for five years.
  • It has been five years since you were granted a permanent resident visa.

We will still keep information we collected on this site in an anonymised format.

This is consistent with how we will use your data, as outlined in the data collection and purpose specification section above.

Cookie usage on Live and Work New Zealand

This site uses both persistent and temporary cookies (files that a website transfers to your computer). Some are used to monitor site usage and provide us with anonymous statistics that we use to improve the information on this site and provide relevant content.

Information obtained through cookies includes:

  • search terms used
  • pages visited
  • links clicked on
  • date and time of visits
  • devices, operating systems and browsers used

This information is viewable by site administrators and specific INZ staff. It may also be shared with other government agencies in an aggregated format that does not contain personal information.

Google may also collect some or all of this information when javascript is turned on in your Internet browser. This is due to the site using a portion of the Google public index for its search functionality. How Google uses this information is addressed in their Privacy Policy.

We also use cookies to maintain site presentation for those who wish to use the site’s high contrast view. These particular cookies are named “__utmc” and “default_stylesheet”. They do not store any personal information and are deleted immediately when you close your browser.

Certain cookies on this website may collect personal information you disclose, for example if you include identifying information within the search terms you enter into the site, or when completing the Live and Work New Zealand online registration form.

This site also uses third party cookies placed on your device by websites other than Live and Work New Zealand. These are used for remarketing and for analysing user behaviour across certain INZ websites. More information can be found in the Remarketing and Personalisation sections below.

If you prefer not to use cookies, you can still use this website. To find out how to disable cookies, check the Help instructions in your web browser.

Remarketing to Live and Work New Zealand users

This site utilises remarketing tools to advertise to you online. It allows third-party vendors, including Google, LinkedIn and Facebook, to show ads from INZ or our partners on sites across the Internet. These ads are shown to you based on your browsing behaviour on this website.

These remarketing activities utilise first-party cookies (such as Google Analytics) and third-party cookies (such as DoubleClick) together to inform, optimize, and serve ads based on your past visits to this website.

You can opt out of ads that are based on web behaviour, that are served by Google and Facebook, via the instructions below:

Opt out of Facebook remarketing

Opt out of Google remarketing

Opt out of LinkedIn remarketing

Google Signals

This site uses Google Signals as a remarketing and data collection tool. Google Signals only collects data from Google users who have personalised advertising enabled (note: personalised advertising is switched on by default for Google accounts). This data may include browsing history, device and demographic information, as well as search and YouTube history. Google Signals data collection persists across devices.

If you have enabled personalised advertising in your google account, Google will be able to create models and reports about this website’s use based in part on your data. These models and reports are based on random samples and are anonymised by Google. This means we cannot identify individual Google users or their actions.

Users can disable personalised advertising in their <a href=>google account settings</a> or mobile app settings.


Personalisation based on your site usage

INZ uses third-party cookies to analyse site usage across our websites. This information helps us to understand how users access information across our websites, so that we can improve the quality and relevance of the information we offer.

These third-party cookies may be used to link your site usage with the personal information we hold on you.

For example, when you register on Live and Work New Zealand, we will send you email with information about New Zealand. When you click a link in these emails we will be able to link your site usage to your registration information. We can then tailor the content of future emails we send you based on your previous behaviour.

If you are granted a New Zealand visa we may send you emails about adjusting to life in New Zealand. When you click a link in these emails we will be able to link your site usage to your personal information.

We will also use this data to explore any relationship between site usage and the visa outcomes of people who have browsed our websites. This is done at an aggregate (anonymous) level only. This information will not be published in an identifiable format, and will not be used in the determination of any visa application.

If you do not want us to collect information on your usage of this website you need to disable cookies in your web browser (to find out how check the Help instructions in your web browser).

Matching your details to your LinkedIn profile

If you have subscribed to the 'connect me with jobs from New Zealand employers through LinkedIn' checkbox on the registration form, you have agreed for your first name, last name, email address, and Live and Work New Zealand ID to be shared with LinkedIn for matching purposes. You may then appear in employer searches on LinkedIn Recruiter identifying people who are open to moving to New Zealand. This feature does not allow us to access any information on your LinkedIn profile. 

You can unsubscribe from the LinkedIn matching service by clicking the 'unsubscribe' button at the bottom of any email you receive from Live and Work New Zealand and then unselecting ‘Connect with New Zealand employers through LinkedIn’. This is an automated process that de-links your LinkedIn profile from your New Zealand Now registration. This may take up to 30 days to take full effect.

Access to the personal data we may hold about you

You have the right to access and to request correction of any of your personal information provided to INZ, including in connection with your use of this site. If you would like to see the personal information relating to you that we have stored, or to request correction of such personal information, or if you have any concerns regarding your privacy, please contact us at the address below. We may require proof of your identity before being able to provide you with any personal information.

You can also request the deletion of any personal information collected through Live and Work New Zealand.

For enquiries regarding your personal data or to request we delete personal data held by us, please email

If you are not satisfied with our response to any privacy-related concern you may have, you can contact the Privacy Commissioner:
     Office of the Privacy Commissioner
     PO Box 10-094
     Wellington, New Zealand
     Phone: +64-4-474 7590
     Enquiries Line (from Auckland): 302 8655
     Enquiries Line (from outside Auckland): 0800 803 909
     Fax: +64-4-474 7595

Confidentiality and security on Live and Work New Zealand

All our employees and data processors, who have access to, or associated with the processing of personal information, are obliged to protect and respect the confidentiality of our website users’ personal information.

All MBIE websites have security measures in place to prevent the loss, misuse and alteration of information under our control. In order to maintain the cyber security of MBIE systems and information, MBIE systems are subject to ongoing monitoring (including activity logging), analysis and auditing.

We may use information about your use of our websites and other IT systems to prevent unauthorised access or attacks on these systems or to resolve such events. We may use this information even if you are not involved in such activity. MBIE may utilise services from one or more 3rd party suppliers to monitor or maintain the cyber security of its systems and information. These 3rd party suppliers will have access to monitoring and logging information as well as information processed on MBIE websites and other IT systems.

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