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A good range of information and support services is available for migrants in Waikato, particularly in the main city of Hamilton.
Looking for general information?

Regional and district councils

The regional and district councils in the Waikato region are responsible for community well-being and development, environmental health and safety, infrastructure, recreation and culture, and resource management. To find information about the services the local councils provide check out their website. 

Waikato Regional council

Hamilton City Council

Taupo District Council

Support and information services


Immigration New Zealand - Information for new migrants

Immigration New Zealand offers a free information service for all new migrants available throughout the country.

You can call the Immigration New Zealand Contact Centre on:

Freephone: 0508 558 855 (NZ landline only)
From overseas or a mobile phone: +64 9 914 4100

Email: newmigrantinfo@mbie.govt.nz

Information in YOUR language

Citizens Advice Bureau Logo

Sometimes, to be sure you understand, it can be helpful to have something repeated in your first language. 

Language Assistance Services (LAS) is a free government service available in over 300 languages, that you can use for talking to any participating government agency - including, very soon, your local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB).

This includes phone and video interpreting, and is available "24/7" - 24 hours a day, seven days a week. 

For more about LAS including a list of the participating agencies see our Help in your language page - or contact your local CAB.

Help in your language


Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB)

Cities and most towns across New Zealand have a local Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB). It is a place where you will find someone who can provide information, advice and support on just about any problem you may have.

Find a CAB | CAB


Migrant Connect information service


For newcomers to New Zealand, selected Citizens Advice Bureaux (CAB) provide a walk-in information service. You probably have lots of questions about how things work here. CAB can help or provide you with information on where to find the answers.

As well as helping with your settlement queries, CAB run information sessions for new migrants on relevant settlement topics. 

The following CABs provide this service:

CAB Hamilton


New Settlers guides

The Hamilton City Council have published a guide to everything you need to know about living in Hamilton.

Hamilton New Settlers Guide | Hamilton City Council  (pdf, 1.5mb)

Settlement Centre Waikato 

The Centre is home to a number of agencies who work independently or collaboratively to assist migrants, newcomers, employers, groups and the local community. Check their website for more details. 

Settlement Centre Waikato

Hamilton City Council Ethnic Advisory Services

Hamilton City Council employs an ethnic development advisor who promotes the awareness and well-being of the city's many ethnic communities. Among other duties, the advisor publishes the Hamilton New Settlers Guide.

Hamilton City Council Ethnic Advisory Services | Hamilton City Council

Hamilton New Settlers Guide | Hamilton City Council  (pdf, 1.5mb)

Waikato Ethnic Family Services Trust

The Waikato Ethnic Family Services Trust was set up in in 2010 to be a representative voice for Waikato's Middle Eastern community and other ethnic communities. Among other things, the trust organises workshops, cooking classes, driving lessons, budgeting advice and youth forums for the benefit of its members.

Waikato Ethnic Family Services Trust | Waikato Ethnic Families Trust

Newcomers Network

Many areas offer a service called the ‘Newcomers Network’. Each network works slightly differently, but they’re all great ways to meet new people, find out about local events and get connected with your local community. If there’s not one in your area, the national body will give you all the help and support you need to start one.

Waikato | Newcomers Network

Waikato Multicultural Council 

Waikato Multicultural Council run classes, workshops and seminars on a range of topics including English language. They also arrange cultural events like the Waikato Multicultural Day Celebrations. Like their Facebook page for news of the latest events.

Waikato Multicultural Council Facebook

Local Libraries

Local libraries are always a good place to go to find information about activities in your local community. And of course they have hundreds of books, eBooks, CDs and DVDs you can borrow.

For the location of your local library, check the website of your district council or visit these sites.

Locations & hours | Waikato District Libraries

Locations & hours | Hamilton City Library

Locations & hours | Taupo District Libraries

Cultural groups

Waikato has a number of groups representing a wide range of ethnic groups in the area. Check them out on the Citizen's Advice Bureau (CAB) site.

Waikato Multicultural groups | CAB

Visitor information

Wondering what to do in your region - what attractions to see, adventures to try, routes to take? The 100% New Zealand site has all the information you need, plus help with travelling further afield in New Zealand including finding transport and accommodation.

Waikato visitor information centres | Tourism New Zealand

Taupo visitor information centres | Tourism New Zealand

Community law office

If you need legal assistance, you can start with your local Community Law Centre. They have lawyers and advocates who can give you initial legal help so you can deal with the issue quickly, which may be free depending on your ability to pay. They may also be able to represent you in courts or tribunals.

Find a centre | Community Law Centre

Immigration advice

If you need help with an immigration matter, you should talk either to a lawyer experienced in the field or to a licensed immigration advisor. There are a number of licensed advisors in Waikato. Find them using the online register operated by the Immigration Advisers Authority.

Find an advisor | Immigration Advisers Authority

Find an immigration lawyer | Law Society

Budget and financial services

If you’re facing financial difficulties, you may need assistance with creating a personalised budget or advice from a financial advisor. They can give you tools, knowledge and advice to help you manage your money better. You may also find answers to your money questions on the Sorted website.

There is a range of budgeting help found in the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) directory.

The National Building Financial Capability Charitable Trust has a list of local budgeting services and their contact details.


Budget services Waikato | CAB

Find a budgeting service | National Building Financial Capability Charitable Trust

Community Houses

Community houses operate as drop-in centres. as delivery points for community services and as meeting venues.

Waikato community houses | CAB 

Parent centres

Parents Centres offer support in all areas of parenting. That includes helping parents develop practical skills in baby and toddler care to preparing for the school years, and crisis help. There are Parents Centres in Hamilton, Cambridge, Putaruru, Otorahanga, Morrinsville and Thames. Look on the Parents centre website for contact details.

Locations | Parent Centres New Zealand

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