Before you apply

When you consider moving to another country, there are a few things you need to think about.

New Zealand offers a great lifestyle but you want to ensure that it is the right move for you, your partner or spouse, and your children if you have them.


Check if your skills are in demand

New Zealand’s employment market is growing steadily. There are job opportunities available across the board but some specific skills are urgently needed. 

Green List occupations | Immigration New Zealand

Job market & key industries


Come for a visit

It is often a good idea to come out to New Zealand for a holiday before making the move. You can use it as an opportunity to experience life here, meet potential employers and check whether New Zealand is right for you.


Get the right advice

You can submit an application for a visa yourself or if you feel a bit unsure of the process and want a bit of extra help, you can use a licensed immigration advisor. Be aware that there may be costs involved.

Getting immigration advice


Explore your visa options

A visa application is not cheap, and the process can take some time. So before you start, check your visa options and work out which is right for you.

Visas for New Zealand


Ensure you have the right paperwork

Make sure you check the requirements of the visa category you are applying under before you send in your application. The application process will take longer if the required information is not provided. 

Tools and information for meeting criteria | Immigration New Zealand


Use NZ Ready online planning tool

Like everything to do with migration, successful visa applications happen more often with good planning.  A great place to start is our NZ Ready online planning tool.

NZ Ready

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