Access help and support

When you move to a new country there are a million questions to answer, and sometimes you won’t even know who to ask.

Immigration New Zealand has information services for new migrants to help them settle and work in New Zealand.

Look online

This website is your first step. It is full of useful tips and information about how things work in New Zealand.

Also check your region's Information & advice pages for details on local information services and Newcomers' Networks.

To keep connected and stay up to date with news and events, visit our Immigration New Zealand Facebook page.

Phone us

The Immigration New Zealand Contact Centre can give you helpful information in answer to your questions about visa applications and processes.

Visit a Citizens Advice Bureau

If you want to talk to someone face to face to get settlement information or to find out about settlement services in your local community, the Citizens Advice Bureau (CAB) has a walk-in settlement information service in 30 locations throughout the country. CABs also offer workshops and seminars for recent migrants.

You can access a list of all CABs and their key details or find individual CAB details on the CAB website.

Find a CAB