English language

You need good English language skills in New Zealand. Employers require it and Kiwis expect most people living here will be fluent in it.

You may have learned some English in your home country, but still have some trouble understanding us and being understood yourself. This can be hard to start with. We use a lot of words or terms you will not be familiar with and we tend to talk very fast.

If you do not understand what is being said to you, let people know. Ask them to slow down and explain the Kiwi words and phrases they are using.

There are English language courses to suit all styles and levels of English. Find out what your options are and get started as soon as you can. 

English for visas

There may be English language requirements you need to meet to get a visa. Details are on each visa page on the Immigration New Zealand website. Find out how you can meet the requirements.

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