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Studying in New Zealand

New Zealand is an internationally recognised provider of tertiary education. You can be confident that any courses you study here will be well accepted by employers and institutions both offshore and in New Zealand.

International students also choose New Zealand to experience our Kiwi lifestyle, as a safe place to extend personal boundaries, and in some cases to explore opportunities to stay long-term or permanently.

The official government site for advice on studying with New Zealand is Study with New Zealand. Learn about global pathways, studying online, or studying right here in New Zealand. 

Study with New Zealand | Study with New Zealand

Visas to study

If you're studying a short course that's less than three months, you don’t need a student visa: just a visitor visa.

You'll need a student visa if you’re planning to study here full time and the course is for longer than three months.

Your best visa choice will depend on your course choices and some other factors – for example, some courses have exchange programmes between some countries.

Explore visa options to study | Immigration New Zealand

Working after study

If you are thinking of working here after your study, there are requirements that may affect what a course you choose.

Staying to work after study | Immigration New Zealand

Visas for school children

Dependent children of temporary work visa holders also need a student visa.

To avoid delays, we strongly recommend that you apply for this visa from your home country.

Without a student visa, they can only attend school for two weeks as a domestic student or for three months as a fee-paying international student.

Dependent Child Student Visa | Immigration New Zealand

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