Migrant settlement strategy

The New Zealand Migrant Settlement and Integration Strategy supports migrants to settle in New Zealand.

The New Zealand Government wants migrants to settle well and feel at home in New Zealand. We know that well settled migrants are generally happier, stay longer and contribute more to society.



The government has a strategy to support recent migrants to settle well so they can participate fully and contribute to all aspects of New Zealand life. This is the New Zealand Migrant Settlement and Integration Strategy (the Strategy).

The Strategy provides for settlement information and services to support migrants in five areas:

  • Employment
  • Education and training
  • English language
  • Inclusion
  • Health and wellbeing.

The Strategy wheel below shows the overarching outcome of each area that we support migrants in.

You can read more about the Strategy on the Immigration New Zealand website, including:

  • descriptions of each outcome and what it aims to achieve
  • how we work with government and non-government agencies and other partners to support migrants
  • how we fund settlement services and measure success
  • full details of settlement information and services available for recent migrants.

How we support migrants | Immigration New Zealand



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