Working Holidays

Seasonal work opportunities in New Zealand

Travelling with a Working Holiday Visa (WHV) is an easy low-cost way to see more of New Zealand, meet more people, and have more fun.

Adventure activities in New Zealand like swimming with dolphins

New Zealand's horticulture and tourism industries have many casual roles available.

Work is available all across New Zealand, all year round. And for most roles, experience is not required. While on-site accommodation is available in some areas.

Advantages of a Working Holiday Visa:

  • Stay for longer - With a WHV you can stay for longer than with a standard visitor visa,  meet other travellers and local people.
  • Meet more people 
  • Stretch your budget 
  • Leave and return 
  • Start working straight away 
  • See more of New Zealand,  and then perhaps use your earnings to see more of the Pacific – and then do it again - because repeat entry to New Zealand is a feature of Working Holiday visas.
New Zealand has some of the best hiking spots

With eight main horticulture regions around the country, you can follow the seasons, stretch your budget, and enjoy some of the best New Zealand has to offer.

Experience New Zealand with a working holiday visa

What you need to need to work

  • The visa - If you are not a current holder of a Working Holiday Visa then you must first apply. If you are current holder then you may plan to work. You can find out more about the visa at Immigration New Zealand's website.
  • A New Zealand bank account - With some banks you can apply for and open a NZ bank account before you arrive.  Find out how on this helpful page from the NZ Pocket Guide.
  • An IRD (tax) number  - The application process is explained simply and clearly here.

Visa information

Apply for a Working Holiday Visa

If you do not have a current Working Holiday Visa, you can apply for a Working Holiday Visa on Immigration New Zealand's website. 

Working Holiday Visas | Immigration New Zealand

Worker picking grapes from New Zealand orchard

Seasonal job sites to explore


Find seasonal work across NZ | PickNZ
Warehouse, fruit packing & vineyard jobs |Backpackerboard


Jobs in hospitality and tourism | Go with Tourism

FIFA Women's World Cup is coming July and August 2023 

Don't miss your chance to be part of this big event. Jobs in hospitality and tourism will be in high demand.   

Know your rights at work

New Zealand has laws that help keep workplaces fair. It is important to understand the rules, and your rights and responsibilities. 

Check your employment rights

Minimum rights of employees | Employment New Zealand

Report your employer | Employment New Zealand

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Check the Seasonal Work Calendar

When What Where Jobs Find jobs
Dec - Feb Cherry harvest & pack Central Otago 4000 Pick NZ
Dec - Mar Stonefruit harvest & pack Central Otago 1250 Pick NZ
December 2022 Vineyard tucking/wire Central Otago 500 Pick NZ
Jan - Feb Vine canopy management Central Otago 500 Pick NZ
Dec - March Blueberry harvest & pack Central Otago 200 Pick NZ
December 2022 Apples - thinning Central Otago 500 Pick NZ
Dec - March Sheep -shearing hands Otago- Southland 1600 NZ Shearing
Dec - Feb Milk harvesting Otago- Southland 300 NZ Farm source
Dec - April Meatworks – processing Otago- Southland 5000 NZ Farm source
Dec - April Outdoor guides Fiordland-Te Anau 300 Jora
Dec - April Grain Harvests Otago- Southland 700 Trade Me Jobs
Jan - Feb Tulip Harvest Southland 360 Pick NZ
Dec - April Farm hands Nationwide 100+ NZ Farm source
Dec - Feb Cherry harvest & pack Hawkes Bay 100+ Pick NZ



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